Georgina Roney CA

I am a Certified Aromatherapist and professional member of the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA). I am also a Certified Nutritional Counselor.

My own personal health struggles have lead to me to use whole foods and homemade personal care products to heal my body. I make scented and unscented glycerin soap, body butters, hand salve, vapor rub and lip balms.

I also package shampoo, conditioner, and hemp lotion (paraben-free, sulphate-free and gluten-free) for my clients who have environmental sensitivities.


Lee Anne Mitchell
Professional Chocolatier and Creative Genius

Chocolate by Design is a company that specializes in designing and creating handmade, customized chocolates for a variety of occasions.

Established in 2007, Chocolate by Design has risen in the Artisan milieu as a chocolatier with some ingenuity. Becoming known for our innovative ideas and originality, we aim to keep our chocoholics on their toes. Have you tried our Chocolated Bacon or what about our Chocolate Pizza Slices? We continue to strive to be just a little bit different. We are also armed with a regular menu of delectable items such as Chocolate Almond Bark, Chocolate Covered Pretzels, and Chocolate Bars.

Using only the finest and freshest of ingredients, every mouth watering morsel will be handcrafted just for you and the vision you have.

Having joined the Seaway Valley Artisans in October 2013, I quickly came to know of the camaraderie in this talented network. We are all imaginative individuals with a passion for what each of us creates. We are also an amazing group of talented people who not only support each other but our group as a whole.


Ginette Drouin & Eric Sherping

Created in 2005, the energetic duo of Ginette Drouin and Eric Sherping of Confetti Jellies have worked intensely to build this business from the ground up.

Confetti Jellies is known in the Artisan milieu for its jellies. Over the course of fifteen (15) years, recipe after recipe has been researched, developed and taste-tested. Their mantra of: from sweet to heat has been their perfect description. Their product line ranges from sweeter flavors to more savoury notes. With twelve (12) varieties to choose from, these homemade gems offer a little something to tempt everyone's taste-buds.

Handmade and using only the finest and freshest of ingredients, these flavorful originals will make phenomenal additions to all menus.

Individual jars or packaged in beautiful gift boxes are available.


Nicole Maurice
Margie Clapham Séguin
Ann Marie Myers

Brian Pinsonneault


Seaway Valley Artisan, Brian Pinsonneault is our multi-talented resident woodworking expert. With a myriad of expertise in his arsenal, BrianACCEPT 's tremendous talents come from years of hard work and effort. The knowledge that he has gained over time is demonstrated in all of his beautiful finished products. Within some of those products, amazing examples of Intarsia and Fretwork can be seen.  

Brian works tirelessly on his craft, creating such stunning products as wooden jigsaw puzzles, desk signs, and charming holiday ornaments and so much more. He also enjoys the challenge of custom work.

As a founding member of the Seaway Valley Artisans, Brian recognized a need and assisted in building an organization that brought together like minded creative people.



With an ability to visualize the beautiful sceneries that nature has to offer, Helen has the "uncanny knack" and know how to create stunning felted designs. Her knowledge of this ancient craft alongside her creativity have each and every finished product ready for framing.

Using strands of soft, fluffy, natural fibers as her medium, she combines and arranges a rainbow of colors and textures to form an image, much like a painter applies oils to a canvas. Then with a little soap and hot water, these colors meld together to produce a strong piece of fabric that brings to life the myriad of natural landscapes that surround us. Trees, meadows, lakes and mountains - inspiration can be found at every turn.


Liz Ulin

Having a passion for pottery since high school, Liz, a Montreal West native creates such beautiful works of art from clay.

Her work combines a passion for clay with her love of the great outdoors. Like in nature, all of her pieces are unique and one-of-a-kind. They reference natural scenes and include lots of flora and fauna in their designs. Her pieces are hand built using principally extruder and slab techniques and fired high (cones 6 and 9) for durability. Her pieces are a functional/sculptural hybrid or "everyday art."


Patricia Srigley

The multi-talented Patricia Srigley is a well known Montreal resident, who's talent is never ending. She is an author, artist and photographer.

As an author, she writes and illustrates both children's books and fantasy novels for teens and adults.

As a painter, she is known for he intricate mixed media collages. She has a creative ingenious that challenges the borders of every imagination.

As photographer, her love of underwater photography has us all intrigued.

As a sculptress, Patricia's artistic talents tend to focus on facial appearances and the use of hands and lend themselves to intricate details.

Imaginative and unique handmade works of art that you won't find anywhere else.


Romeo Fusco

Established in 1970 and now operating in Les Coteaux (Station), Woodworks by Romeo specializes in the creation of high quality objects made from both local and exotic woods. All handcrafted items are made with passion and an attention to detail - making each and every piece truly unique and distinguished.

Everyone is sure to fall in love with Romeo's wide selection of original pieces including beautiful bracelets, pens, holiday ornaments, clocks and many more works of art.

All of Romeo's creations are hand painted or stained before receiving a finishing coating that produces a stunning look.


Michelle Falardeau

Hi! My name is Michelle Falardeau. I am an animal lover and the founder of Maizey B.

Maizey B was inspired by my own rescue, and here is my story.

When I was looking to add a four-legged fur baby to my family, fate took over. I was given the opportunity to adopt a dog who was located in a high-kill shelter. I could not help but feel lucky to be permitted to adopt her. This was a match made in heaven.

What began as adding a dog to my family resulted in my launching Maizey B in 2015, a business based around animal themed gifts. I acquired a sewing machine and started sewing dog bandanas. I have since added a wider variety of items to my collections for both animals and humans. From bandanas and bow ties for my four-legged friends to cup cozies and fleece scarves for those of you with two legs.

I have also made it my mission to help others who help animals whenever and wherever I can.


Shirley Brown

With a mountain of creaivity and copious amounts of imagination, Shirley delved into the world of Steampunk.

Steampunk can be defined as a "retrofuturistic subgenre" of science fiction or science fantasy that incorporates technology and aesthetic designs inspired by 19th century industrial steam-powered machinery.

Once upon a time, Shirley made her debut into the Artisan world as a very talented card designer. Overtime, her small business began the transformation into more of a Steampunk look. This was when her obsession with mixed media grew. Becoming more and more inventive as she perfected her abilities (getting messy was half the fun), her product line evolved into something pretty amazing. Using old, found, or recycled items in combination with items such as machinery gears, beads, metallics, paints and lots of adhesive, Shirley loves to create a little something different with each and every item.


Darleen Chicoine

Made with love, each and every baked treat that comes out of the oven at Gâteries Wouf Bouf, has been created to perfection.

What began as Les Délices Chic, a home-based Cake and Cupcake business for humans transformed into a flourishing baked goods business for a clientele of the canine variety. Realizing that the ingredients in some commercial dog treats were unhealthy and contained preservatives and food dyes, Darleen set out to begin her own bakery. This is where her story began.

After weeks of research and test-baking, Gâteries Wouf Bouf began to roll out the very first batches of dog cookies. Of course, taste testers volunteered to sample each sweet treat. To Darleen's delight, the volunteers helped her to select the best recipes. Today, these cookies and so much more are available for your fur babies.


Linda Piette & Melanie Duffin

The dynamic duo that make up The Writing's On The Wall are none other than Linda Piette and Melanie Duffin.

Bitten by the crafting bug when Linda took an art class with friends, her love of creating art grew exponentially. It all began around 2014, Linda delved into the world of mixed media. Learning the techniques and applications that she would need allowed her creativity to shine. Taking a leap of faith, Linda then tried her hand at rustic designs. In learning to work with wood allowed her knowledge to expand and she could now overlap the many different mediums to create her very own works of art.

In 2019, Melanie joined this ever growing and ever popular small business. She brought with her a knowledge of all things "crafty." She has an energy and enthusiasm that ignites excitement when they begin their creative process.

Together, the ladies of The Writing's On The Wall continue to design and bring to life not only their own artistic visions, but yours as well.


June & Bruce Graham

Husband and wife duo, June and Bruce Graham created Wax Art Originals many years ago. Working side by side, they have gained a large following of their work.

With the use of a few simple tools such as wax crayons and a heat source, June has perfected wax art techniques. Combining her skills and talents, she began to create beautiful images. Her illustrations can be found on a variety of items. From peaceful winter scenes on bookmarks and journal covers to stunning note cards and magnets.

Bruce has been pursuing his wood working passions. Lately, he has taken on the challenge of turning recycled trees (previously cut down) and has been creating charming holiday wood displays for your home. Some examples that he has designed would include Reindeers (various sizes) and Winter Snowmen.


Swati Nafade

Indian Vegetarian Delights by Swati has certainly found a niche market within Montreal. Launching her food based business several years ago, Swati has quickly become the "go to" caterer when you have that craving for delicious indian vegetarian food. Having received her MAPAQ certification in 2017, Swati has worked diligently on building her business one happy client at a time.

Striving to bring fresh, home-made and authentic indian vegetarian food to you, each meal is handmade in Swati's personal kitchen. Using fresh produce only is of vital importance. No canned products are used in any of her cooking. The results speak for themselves - fresh, delicious and healthy.


Sharon Beliveau

In 2011, Sharon started on a new and innovative journey. Looking for an outlet for her creative side, she embarked on the challenge of making Chainmaille jewelry. She absolutely fell in love with the intricate patterns and numerous weaves available.

In creating her pieces, she uses cut anodized aluminum which ensures smooth closures, is hypoallergenic, and will not rust or fade in brilliance. Due to those qualities, her jewelry will never lose that "new" look and will last for years to come. All of the chains and clasps used, are made with stainless steel and will never tarnish. She also loves to use Swarovski crystals and semi precious stones with her designs.

Each piece is carefully constructed with love and attention to detail. Her customer service and satisfaction is absolutely guaranteed.